Oversized Antique Pomegranate Design Khotan Rug 50182

Size: 10 ft 9 in x 21 ft 8 in (3.28 m x 6.6 m)

Beautiful and Rare Light Blue Background Color Oversized Antique Pomegranate Design Khotan Rug , Country Origin: East Turkestan, Circa date: 1900 –  A beautiful field of coral colored pomegranates set against a light blue background provides an oasis from the desert in this antique Khotan rug. Khotan was once a desert oasis and one of the major stops along the famed Silk Road. This specific large antique pomegranate design Khotan rug does honor to the historical roots of the region. Situated in an area where the Near East meets the Orient, one can see traces of both cultures in the rug designs and artistry of this unique piece.

The expansiveness of the light blue background field is rivaled by the exquisite detail of the complex, multilayered borders that encase this remarkable antique pomegranate design rug. The borders not only highlight the field of the antique oversized rug, they provide a point of interest on their own that helps to balance the proportions of the antique Oriental carpet.

The subdued borders feature coral, tans, sky blue and shades of earthy browns. The geometric shapes have an Oriental feel, reflecting the intermingling of the cultures along the borderlands. These elements combine to create an antique carpet that has a timeless character all its own. The pomegranates are arranged in such a way that highlights the angular components of design, which blends nicely with the geometry used in the borders.

This antique pomegranate design Khotan rug truly reminds you of a lush oasis surrounded by the shifting desert sands. Its character has been mellowed by time, reminding you that it has a history that is uniquely its own. This stately one of a kind piece would go well in a variety of interior design approaches.  Using this antique rug in an interior space will create a magnificent and unique look that is sure to marvel even the most notable of interior decorators.

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