Neutral Large Square Antique Turkish Oushak Area Rug 45112


Size: 17 ft 7 in x 18 ft 7 in (5.36 m x 5.66 m)
Origin: Turkish Rugs

Very large and Square Antique Turkish Oushak Carpet, Country of Origin: Turkey, Circa date: Early 20th Century – Impressive in its style and scale, this magnificent antique Oushak rug features a sophisticated repeating pattern rendered in a superb combination of low-contrast earth-tone browns that are set over a luxurious manila-colored field. The grand composition depicts columns of composite lozenges that are decorated with symbolic latch-hook extensions, divided Goz motifs and traditional Turkish rug symbols. The complex repeating pattern incorporates an assortment of angular variations on the familiar lozenge figure. In the traditional Turkish style, the broad borders showcase a variety of angular floral motifs and stylized vine scrolls. Slanted floral sprays juxtaposed against grand rosettes punctuate the broad main borders and contrast the intricately patterned guard bands and zigzagging running-water motifs that frame the luxurious field. This sophisticated antique rug combines age-old Anatolian patterns with an elegant low-contrast color palette.

The tone on tone design of this large and square shape Turkish Oushak rug makes an elegant statement and has a distinctive sense of formality. The rug dates from the early 20th century and a time when the Ottoman Empire was in decline. Yet, it continued to produce beautiful works that make a grand statement, as one can see with this example.

This is a highly decorative and large sized rug that consists of an all over large scale geometric design and complex border. The large scale repeating tribal rug design is arranged by alternating columns along the vertical axis of the Turkish Oushak rug. It does not have a distinctive horizontal center line. The Oushak rug design consists of seven vertical rows, allowing the center line to divide the rug symmetrically along the vertical axis. This gives the antique Turkish rug the appearance of length.

These magnificent antique rugs were designed be used in palaces and rooms that featured large scale architecture. They were often seeing among corridors or rooms with grand columns and arched ceilings. They were meant to enhance the sense of scale within the space, and many of them enhance the line along the vertical direction to do so.

This grand, soft muted color and extremely decorative carpet uses a range of earthy browns and repeating designs to lend a sense of formality and tradition to the space. The combination of formal geometric design and muted tone on tone color come together to create a sense of sophistication and harmony. This is an excellent large square size antique Turkish Oushak carpet, which is sure to add a sense of formality and classic design to any home or office space. It is such a beautiful example that it will surly become an instant family heirloom that will be cherished by future family generations.

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