Artistic Abstract Wool and Silk Modern Transitional Area Rug 60978

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Size: 9 ft x 12 ft (2.74 m x 3.66 m)
Origin: Nepal Rugs

Impressive Wool and Silk Artistic Abstract Earthy Modern Transitional Area Rug, Country of Origin: Nepal, Circa date: Modern – This beautiful modern area rug from Nepal displays the luxurious style and elegance of the country’s long history of area rug making. These highly fashionable and practical area rugs reflect the historical and ongoing need for warm protection from a harsh climate.

At the same time, these rugs exhibit elements of the breathtaking beauty and colors of the natural environment. The Nepal terrain includes lush plains rich with vegetation along with eight of the tallest mountain peaks on the globe.

Antique rugs made in Nepal in the late 18th and early 19th centuries included a limited number of wool color combinations. The colors used in the making of Nepalese rugs were dependent on the available local dyes during this time, and the hues commonly displayed were red, blue, green, yellow, brown and grey. The modern rugs from Nepal, that were designed and produced in the 20th century, displayed a wider range of patterns and colors than their older vintage rugs.

This particular modern area rug exhibits a more minimalist / modern design based on checkered styles. It focuses on the abstract primitive patterns which give it a more organic feel. The denser cluster of the design elements on the left side of this lovely carpet suggest a tall tree trunk supporting the highly appealing leaf-like pattern.

The repeated pattern of this modern rug design forms rows of abstract diamond shaped leaves in shades varying from red brown to charcoal and deep grey brown. The lighter background pattern in tones of grey seems to mirror the predominant design, lending depth and richness to the overall style of this elegant, highly desirable carpet.

It is difficult to determine when the first area rugs were produced in Nepal. Rug making is an ancient tradition that has prevailed throughout the ages. These skillfully handcrafted area rugs, with their artful designs and exquisite color schemes, became popular items among home decorators and interior designers.

The lovely pile of this rug is made from magnificent hand spun wool, enhancing its strength, durability and elasticity.  This stylish carpet, from our collection of modern transitional area rugs, is produced using a unique knotting methods, which makes it feel quite gentle and soft to the touch. Due to the use of this distinctive Nepali weaving techniques, the hand knotted pile of this rug is long-lasting and resilient.

Designers and weavers of Nepalese rugs such as this beautiful carpet now often use both modern and traditional compositional elements. These luxurious and high end carpets may display ancient or classic motifs in abstract or simplistic modern style. Yet they convey the visual perceptions, feelings and ambiance of ageless beauty with the use of pure wool, natural design elements and rich, earthy colors.

This particular elegant and engaging artistic modern transitional wool and silk rug is an abstract minimalist design in rich yet subtle colors. Its varied shades and tonalities alternately blend and contrast, creating a pleasing display of hues and textures. This modern transitional rug design truly represents the ultimate fine qualities of Nepalese style, composition and crafting expertise.

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