Mythical Antique Tree of Life Design Persian Tehran Rug 49197

Size: 10 ft 8 in x 16 ft 2 in (3.25 m x 4.93 m)
Origin: Persian Rugs

Magnificent  Extremely Fine and Artistic Mythical Antique Tree of Life Design Persian Tehran Rug , Country of Origin / Rug Type: Persian Rug, Circa Date: 1920 – This striking antique Persian Tehran rug displays a large elegant and extremely refined tree of life design in its center.

The large brown earth tone central tree of life design stands out beautifully against the light blue color of the main field of this spectacular Persian rug. This highly artistic tree of life design Persian Tehran rug is framed by a complex series of intricately designed borders. There is one main, thicker, border scene that is then flanked by two smaller borders, each separated by another narrower guard border. The mythical animal theme, mainly consists birds and four legged seated and standing creatures, such as deer, repeat throughout the border decorations.

The first thing that catches they is the magnificent tree of life that is growing upward and outward from the lower center of the antique Oriental rug. The next thing we notice are the smaller details of mythical animals, floral patterns and natural scenes that become more and more apparent the longer we spend examining it.

The tree of life grows out of a large, decorated vase design at the bottom of the field of this magnificent antique carpet. As the tree grows upwards, the trunk opens up laterally and upward creating the shape of a heart at the center of the tree foliage. which is surrounded by smaller looping branch details. This subtle design detail ads so much romantic charm to this phenomenal Tree of life design Persian Tehran rug.

On each side of the vase that the main tree grows out of, is a smaller flower pot with a floral bush bursting out of it. Surrounding and beneath the base of the trees are a variety of regal standing animals, including tigers, zebras, lions, deer, even dragon heads as well as floral motifs. In and around the branches of the tree of life design, we see a variety of birds also surrounded by curling flower patterns.

This tree of life design Persian Tehran rug is packed with detail and the decoration is bursting with life. The representation of the tree of life is apparent, yet a closer look reveals multiple layers of detail.

There are so many subtle nuances in the design which elevate it to a spectacular work of textile art. For example, each and every branch of the trees in the field are capped by a delicately designed animal head. This is indicative of the attention to event the smallest minute detail.

Another aspect of this rug that is quite fascinating is that fact that the animals are actually cohabitation peacefully. For example, the small rabbits as if being protected by the tigers give this piece an overarching feel of innocence.

The more one spends time examining the design of this spectacular tree of life design Persian Tehran rug, the more animals and other patterns start to become more and more apparent. With designs sprouting out of other designs, and mythical beasts emerging from other design elements as well as other animals,  it may take a lifetime to discover all the intricate beautiful images that this antique rug actually showcases.

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