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Vintage Isfahan Rugs

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Persian Vintage Isfahan Rugs – In the seventeenth century Isfahan emerged as the new, more centrally located capital of the Safavid dynasty, and it soon became a flourishing center of classical Persian art and culture supported directly by the patronage of the Safavid monarchs. The carpets produced in Isfahan at this time entirely reflected this Golden Age of Safavid luxury and refinement, favoring as they did centralized medallion compositions filled with lush arabesque ornament produced with the greatest intricacy and precision.

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This great artistic outpouring came to a sudden end with the Afghan invasion of 1722, and it was not until the 1920’s that the fortunes of Isfahan were revived, and with it the illustrious tradition of its rug weaving. By the period after World War II, the carpets of Isfahan had become known for the faithfulness of their design to Safavid models, and for their ultra-refined rug weaving techniques, with knot counts or KPI sometimes in excess of 600 per square inch.

The vintage carpets that were produced more recently in Isfahan are today regarded among the finest produced in Persia. Newer vintage Isfahan rugs are made in smaller sizes. Many have silk warps, and some are woven completely in silk.

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