Modern Pop Art Love Rug by Robert Indiana 49470

Size: 2 ft 6 in x 2 ft 6 in (0.76 m x 0.76 m)

A Truly Beautiful Modern Classic Love Rug by Robert Indiana 49470, The Country Where It Was Woven / Rug Type: India Rug, Circa Date: 2007 (this Love Rug is #761 out of an edition of 10,000) – One of the leading artists of the Pop Art movement, Robert Indiana has produced a substantial body of work based on simple, yet powerful, graphic images of words, numbers, and everyday symbols. Yet no single work of his has come close to the global success of “LOVE.”

One of the most iconic pieces of 20th century American Art, “LOVE” was an instant classic. First seen as an illustration for the Museum of Modern Art, it was its recreation as a steel sculpture in 1970 that made it an indelible part of the American cultural landscape. Drawing inspiration from Christian Science theology and the classic Phillips 66 logo of the 1930’s, “LOVE” captured the spirit of the hippie movement and the hope of a generation. With its pure pop art vibrant colors of red, green, and blue, and the careful positioning of its letters, this beautiful “Love Rug”,  by the iconic Robert Indiana, seems at once to embody and transcend its message, making art out of one of the most powerful words in any language.

Since the 1970’s, “LOVE” has been recreated in cities throughout the United States and abroad, and influenced a myriad of interpretations. Yet nothing comes close to the original image, which has resonated with millions of viewers over the decades. Now “LOVE” has been recreated in this limited edition vibrant India rug, enabling you to bring this classic work of American art into your home. Its vivid colors and painstaking construction capture the essence of that first illustration that so encapsulated its cultural moment. Each modern rug in this edition is hand-tufted out of hand-dyed Indian wool and carefully crafted to match the original work of art. The “Love Rug” is an iconic, elegant reminder that love is universal, and a generation once believed it could even change the world.

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