Vintage Mid Century Yellow Background Silk Caucasian Soumak 49609

Size: 4 ft 5 in x 6 ft 6 in (1.35 m x 1.98 m)

Beautiful Vintage Mid Century Yellow Background Silk Caucasian Soumak, Country of Origin / Rug Type: Caucasian Rug, Circa Date: Mid – 20th Century – This beautiful yellow colored background, vintage silk Caucasian Soumak is an exquisite masterpiece. Its complex details form a vividly intriguing character that is both spontaneous and structured. Beautiful happy color tones of yellow, pink, beige and blue are skillfully woven in coordination with stunning geometric rug patterns in vibrant hues of dark blue and crimson. Pure snowy white features add a perfect touch of refined charm and a beautiful backdrop for some of the design patterns.

Three complementary borders encompass the inner rectangular field of this vintage mid century rug. The backgrounds of the outer and inner guard borders are rendered in a magnificent shade of sky blue color. The juxtaposed designed features a singular row of paired floral shapes in different / alternating colors. These narrower sky blue guard borders are flanked on each side by a red, white, and charcoal colored candy cane design.

Layered in between these idyllic light blue guard borders is a singular wider border in white. This main border seems to be almost independent from the rest of the Caucasian rug’s design. Beautiful bold tribal geometric patterns parade down the center of this main border. Each of these primitive design elements vary just enough to give a truly alluring and unique feel to the entire silk rug.

The stunning beauty and artistic impact of this silk Caucasian Soumak is felt most in the central field. The exciting field features three large 8 pointed star motifs in alternating colors of blue and pink. At the center of each of these starts, we see geometric representations of deer or antelope. The geometrical symmetry of this scene is truly remarkable, and it provides an aura of intrigue and fascination that is a prime testament to the skill and care of the master weaver who created this magnificent work of textile art.

This refined silk Caucasian Soumak can be used on the floor as a magnificent decorative area rug. That said, it will be just as impressive if it were hung on the wall as a beautiful tapestry rug. Regardless of where it is placed, this is of manufacture piece that will add an irrevocable charm to any interior deign setting.

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