Antique Geometric Caucasian Soumak Shabby Chic Rug 72829


Size: 4 ft 5 in x 6 ft (1.35 m x 1.83 m)

A Beautiful Antique Geometric Caucasian Soumak Shabby Chic Rug, Country of origin: Caucasian Rugs, Circa date: 1920 – Caucasian rugs are beautiful for their colors and geometric designs. These pieces have been a part of the traditions of the nomadic tribes of the region since the 5th century, and they still hold a special place in our homes. This rug has a Shabby Chic feel and a distressed look that is an excellent choice for modern interiors.

Shabby Chic first entered the world of design in the 1990s, and today, it is experiencing a revival. Shabby Chic sia blend of rustic charm and vintage elegance. The spaces are casual and cozy. When you think of Shabby Chic, pastels, and neutral colors are what come to mind. The idea was to create a light and airy feel.

Today, Shabby Chic is embracing a new palette that includes bolder and more vibrant colors. This rug has a timeless feel and has the appearance of a piece that has been well-loved throughout its life. It will add character to walls in lighter shades of pink or blue and create a statement in the room.

This rug will pair well with distressed furniture and pieces in wrought iron. It also compliments elements that use reclaimed wood, wicker, and metal. If your style includes Victorian upholstered slipper chairs and whitewashed cabinet doors, this rug will add its own authentic shade of faded glory to the design.

Farmhouse and French Country are other styles where this rug will shine with its rustic character. Mixing textures and color families is the key to keeping these styles interesting. The tribal charm of Caucasian rugs is another reason why people continue to love them. This one is an excellent foundation for a Boho Chic space with other pieces made from natural materials mixed in. Shabby Chic is about sustainability and honoring those pieces that have served us well. This rug is one that you will treasure whether your style is traditional, contemporary, or a mix of both.

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