Celtic Hunting Rug by George Bain 47276

Size: 9 ft x 12 ft (2.74 m x 3.66 m)

This absolutely remarkable carpet, designed by noted Scottish artist George Bain, is a stunning composition, and an exciting take on the traditional hunting scene.

Antique Celtic Hunting Rug by George Bain, Country of Origin: Scotland, Circa: First quarter of the 20th century– Here is an absolutely captivating vintage rug – a mid-century work resplendent with Celtic symbolism, designed by the noted Scottish artist George Bain. Bain – who is widely considered to be the ‘father of modern Celtic design’ – has pulled all the stops in this magnificent treatment of the traditional hunting scene, which features a positively dazzling arrangement of Celtic knots, animal figures, and the hunters themselves. All of this detail work is brilliantly realized, an achievement which creates an impression of elevated design while simultaneously communicating a whimsical, folksy version of a widely-known trope. A veritable explosion of color, this fantastic hunting scene carpet is characterized especially by its expert utilization of shades of red, a pallet that subtly re-emphasizes the violent nature of the scene. Bain has created something powerfully beautiful in this grand vintage rug, a piece that is consistent with the sort of work by Bain that is presently exhibited at the Scottish National Gallery, in Edinburgh.

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