Luxurious Fine Weave Intricate Floral Medallion Pattern Round Shape Vintage Persian Silk Qum Rug 72785

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Size: 6 ft 7 in x 6 ft 7 in (2.01 m x 2.01 m)
Origin: Persian Rugs

Magnificent Luxurious Fine Weave Intricate Floral Medallion Pattern Round Shape Vintage Persian Silk Qum Rug, country of origin: Persian Rugs, Circa date: Vintage – This spectacular round Qum rug will make a breathtaking addition to your home. Each of these rugs is a signed masterpiece that is unique and stands out as a work of art. Qum is an ancient city that only came into its own in the world of Persian carpets in the early part of the last century. It quickly rose to the top through its attention to quality and designers who were willing to adapt to a changing marketplace and customer preferences.

The color palette of this piece is elegant with rich midnight blue and sage. This highlights the red and cream motifs and makes them stand out. It uses vivid colors, but the way the artist chose to use them gives it a more neutral feel. This would be an elegant addition to a room of cool neutrals, such as lighter creams and pearl grays. The entire composition has a luxurious feel that it will bring to your space.

The design of the rug gives the impression of looking upwards at the dome of a cathedral or mosque. It has a feeling of depth and an overall design that feels grounded. Its design is repetitious and balanced. A round rug is the perfect way to give your home a unique look. You could easily use it underneath a round dining room table or coffee table. When placed in front of a fireplace, it will create the perfect cozy space.

This rug has a traditional look, but you could also use it to add color to your contemporary room. Sage greens and shades of blue are being used to reflect the natural world and give the room a feeling of being connected to the natural world. This is a perfect rug if you are looking for something different to balance out your space. It is a breathtaking piece that will add an artistic touch to any room.

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