Fine Weave Ivory Background Floral Medallion Design Luxurious Vintage Qum Silk Persian Rug 72748

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Size: 6 ft 6 in x 9 ft 6 in (1.98 m x 2.9 m)
Origin: Persian Rugs

Fine Weave Ivory Background Floral Medallion Design Luxurious Vintage Qum Silk Persian Rug, country of origin: Persian Rug, Circa date: Vintage – This magnificent piece is bursting with soft colors and beautiful details. Qum is a city known for its beautiful architecture and high end luxurious area rugs that are famous all over the world. Fine Persian Qum rugs are made with a silk pile that allows a level of artistry seldom found in other areas of Persia. The refined, classic and intricate Persian area rugs like this will bring personality to your home and create an inviting space for guests.

The design of the rug is a medallion with a graceful floral pattern that gives it balance and a grounded feeling. In a seating area, this earth-toned rug will create warmth and a comforting environment. It will set the stage for an inviting space that your family and friends can enjoy. The fine silk Persian rugs are a classic element for a library or to create the perfect relaxing bedroom.

In the past several years, interior designers have favored pieces that give the room a vintage or timeless feel. Silk rugs, like this one, are favorites because they are one-of-a-kind and reflect the fine artwork of a master weaver. The script on the upper border of the rug often represents the name of the workshop or master weaver and is only found in the finest area rugs from the area.

Everything about this rug from the materials to the workmanship indicates a high level of care and commitment to the craft. Qum rug weavers only use the finest silk from the area in making their rugs. The industry is rather young when compared to other rug-weaving traditions in the area. It responds to the needs of its customers and continues to create a variety of designs that are suitable to contemporary tastes. This is a breathtaking piece that sets the tone for creating a space that is elegant and refined, and it will make a beautiful addition to your home or office.

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