Light Happy Color Small Size Antique Tribal Caucasian Kaitag Embroidery Textile 45210

Size: 1 ft 9 in x 3 ft (0.53 m x 0.91 m)

Woven in the mid-19th century, this antique

Kaitag, Caucasus, Circa 1900 – Reminiscent of the contemporary works of Henri Matisse and the modern art masters, this antique Kaitag features bright colors and bold motifs decorated with sharply contrasting elements. This cultural masterpiece from the Caucasus features a quirky compartmental pattern decorated with zigzagging borders, irregular edges, alternating colors and contrasting designs. Swirling starfish, abstract amoebas and S-shaped hooks decorate each compartment and define the borders of the central lozenge medallion. This symmetric Kaitag features a discontinuous latticework pattern bordered by abstract motifs and protection symbols woven in a brilliant combination of golden-yellow, red, white and powder blue. Known for their abstract designs and bold colors, the makers of

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