Light Green Modern Turkish Oushak Runner Rug 60400

Size: 3 ft 7 in x 20 ft 9 in (1.09 m x 6.32 m)

Charming Light Green Modern Turkish Oushak Runner Rug / Country of Origin: Turkey, Circa Date: Modern – This magnificent, modern Oushak rug from Turkey is remarkably long and will make a bold statement in your home or office. This modern rug draws its inspiration from the traditional designs of the rug weavers of the Ottoman Courts of the 17th century, but it presents them in a way that is perfectly suited for modern spaces.

The colors are bold and vibrant, yet they also have an earthy quality that allows you to bring elements of the natural world into the interior design. The rugs of the Ottoman Empire drew their inspiration from the world around them. They featured colors and shapes found in the formal gardens surrounding the palaces and architecture of the time. This Modern Oushak Collection also reflects the world around us by combining elements of the past with modern design philosophies that emphasize creating a space that is relaxing and leaves you feeling refreshed.

The true beauty of this piece is that it can be used in many of the ways that traditional Turkish Oushak rugs were used. You could use it as the foundation to display fine antiques, Ming vases, or the occasional antique library lamp, and fine hardwood desk. You could also use it to create a space that is bold, modern, and edgy. Its calming character makes the perfect complement for retro-inspired furniture that features simple shapes and plenty of space underneath.

This runner rug would make a beautiful addition to a long, narrow kitchen or create a pathway that draws the eye to larger architectural features of the space. Turkish rugs from Oushak feature bold designs that give a sense of scale openness to the room. This piece will bring these elements to the room and make it appear more spacious and airy. This modern Turkish Oushak runner rug makes a statement in the space and allows you to create a look that is either elegant and refined or fresh and contemporary. It is versatile enough to serve as a bridge between traditional and modern room designs, which makes it the perfect piece for any contemporary style.

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