Light Green Floral Modern Turkish Oushak Rug 60408

Size: 6 ft 1 in x 9 ft 7 in (1.85 m x 2.92 m)

Beautiful Light Green Floral Modern Turkish Oushak Rug. Country of Origin: Turkey / Circa Date: Modern – The beautiful, bold floral designs of this modern Oushak rug bring a feeling of optimism and cheerfulness to the space. Its abstract design has a refined and sophisticated flavor, but it presents it in a casual way and a little on the rustic side. Green always brings a feeling of freshness to space that reminds us of the natural world. It evokes a feeling of being out in nature and the sense of peacefulness that one feels in the outdoors.

The sky blues and golden yellows are reminiscent of the height of summer when all of the flowers are in full bloom. Traditional Turkish Oushak rugs have relied on garden themes to bring a feeling of energy and abundance to the space. Now, these modern Oushak rug artists rely on time-honored traditions and techniques to create beautiful rugs that reflect these ancient traditions but that are created for modern interiors.

The bold, floral rug designs gives it a traditional flavor. But it would also be the perfect rug for a Boho Chic room because its design is a little bit on the tribal side, too. The use of open background space in the modern rug creates contrast with the large-scale floral elements. This will make any room where it is placed feel more open and airy.

You could easily pair this rug with traditional antique furniture, or you could use it with modern furniture that features simple lines and organically flowing curves. This would be the perfect piece for a modern Retro-inspired room where it could be used to add interest to the open floor space underneath contemporary furniture. This rug would also be the perfect touch for a French colonial or a more Modern Rustic interior design look.

This Turkish rug is a beautiful way to blend Old-World tradition with modern style and taste. This gorgeous modern Turkish Oushak rug would be perfect as a statement piece or as part of a modern layered-carpet decor look. How you use it is up to you, but whatever you decide, this new Oushak rug brings a timeless charm and global character to an open-plan space or a more traditional architectural style.

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