Large Soft Color Warm Tone Antique Allover Floral Design Oriental Indian Amritsar Rug 40786

Size: 11 ft 9 in x 17 ft 2 in (3.58 m x 5.23 m)
Origin: India Rugs

On this classic antique Oriental Amritsar carpet from India a whispy pattern of softly colored vines and palmettes unfolds across the field.

Presenting an exquisite Antique Amritsar carpet, dating back to approximately 1900, this captivating piece is a testament to the timeless beauty and artistry of Indian rug-making. Delicately crafted with precision and care, it boasts a lovely palette of soft sands, taupe, and sage, perfectly complementing the intricate wispy pattern of vines and palmettes that adorn its surface.

The subtle interplay of colors creates a sense of tranquility and sophistication, evoking the serene beauty of nature. Ever so sparingly, accents of red are introduced, adding a touch of excitement and vibrancy to the composition, while maintaining the overall harmony of the design.

To frame the delicate pattern of the field, a cinnamon ground border is employed, providing a gentle contrast to the pale hues that dominate the central motif. This border not only adds visual interest but also serves to enhance the overall elegance of the carpet.

With its timeless charm and exquisite craftsmanship, this Antique Amritsar carpet is more than just a piece of decor—it’s a work of art that tells a story of tradition, beauty, and craftsmanship passed down through generations. Whether displayed in a grand living room or adorning the floors of a cozy study, it is sure to captivate and inspire admiration for years to come.

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