Soft Neutral Earth Tone Antique Oriental Cloud Band Design Indian Amritsar Rug 3409

Size: 11 ft 2 in x 16 ft 7 in (3.4 m x 5.05 m)
Origin: India Rugs

This decorative large scale antique Oriental Amritsar carpet from India has magnificent medallions filled by cloud band design palmettes repeating gracefully across the field.

Antique Oriental Indian Amritsar Rug, Origin: India, Circa: 1900Indian Amritsar rugs are considered to be some of the finest quality in all of the world. They are based on traditional Persian designs that were brought back by one of the Mughal emperors during a period of exile. The art of weaving these breathtaking designs was borrowed from the famous Persian carpet weavers, but over time, the designers developed their own characteristic style and motifs. This gorgeous carpet from the early 1900s shows both the influence of traditional Persian designs and a few elements that are uniquely Indian.

The design of the carpet uses elements of a different scale to delineate the various components of the rug. The borders of the rug are of a small scale and give the rug a delicate appearance. This contrasts with the medallion motifs in the field of the rug and adds visual interest.

Amritsar rugs are known for their fine weave that allows a striking level of detail in the designs. It also gives them a soft feel and delicate texture. Amritsar rugs are soft, but they are also high-quality and durable. They are known for their ability to stand up in high-traffic areas. They were traditionally woven on commission for dignitaries and for use in public spaces, such as palaces.

The colors of this antique rug are soft and blend together gently. The maroon accents create contrast against the more delicate pastels. It has a garden theme that would bring a touch of nature into the room. This makes it the perfect addition to a modern interior where it will give bring a balanced and serene feel to the space. The combination of neutrals accented by spicy colors such as mellow oranges, saffron yellow, and cayenne pepper are some of the latest color trends. This carpet would blend in beautifully to give the room a global and well-traveled look.

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