Large Size Intricate Classic Gonbad Design Luxurious Vintage Fine Silk Persian Qum Rug 60035

Size: 13 ft x 19 ft 8 in (3.96 m x 5.99 m)
Style: Qum Rugs

Breathtaking Fine Geometric Large Size Vintage Silk Persian Qum Rug, Country of Origin / Rug Type: Vintage Persian Rug, Circa Date: Late 20th Century – This vintage Persian silk rug boasts a large circular centerpiece. This central medallion displays an octagon border in a deep crimson hue, which contains a collection of concentric rings. The first layer is an intricate white strand decorated with a fancy brown vine and bright blue adornments. The next layer comprises a row of domed triangular figures, which are saturated with alternating background colors of tangerine-tinted gold and misty gray.

A bright luminescent blue area separates this ring from a delicate cream thread, which contains a vine of natural green leaves and exotic flowers. The next layer of the circular medallion, in this breathtaking Persian rug, is a vast area decorated with progressively smaller tear drop shapes in crimson and silvery purple tones. Finally, the nucleus of the medallion displays a blooming image with a fascinating collection of floral decals, leaves, and geometric structures in unique hues of blue, white, crimson, pink, and green.

The complex geometric structures that surround the central area, combined with the elaborate border creates the finishing touch of royal charm.

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