Large Oversized Vintage Persian Tabriz Rug 49837

Size: 16 ft 2 in x 23 ft (4.93 m x 7.01 m)

Magnificent And Extremely Fine Large Oversized Vintage Persian Tabriz Rug 49837, Country of Origin / Rug Type: Vintage Persian Rugs, Circa Date: Third Quarter of 20th Century – This unique, Persian Tabriz rug is an example of Persian rug weaving at its finest. From the quality of the weave, to the colors of the design to multitude of the floral patterns, this vintage Persian rug is a testament to the skill of the rug weavers who created it.

This vintage rug does not follow the traditional approach to rug design that we are used to seeing. While this oversized vintage Persian Tabriz rug has an “official” border and central medallion design, nothing else follows the traditional composition path that most recognize.

The design in the field is comprised by a multitude of stepped central motifs. While surrounding border like strands flow in and out of the design to create sections that are defined and made separate by their background color.

This magnificent large oversized vintage Persian Tabriz rug incorporates a number of classic Persian rug design elements. This includes ornamental floral rug patterns with a dominant background color.

While at first glance you may not see them, upon closer examination you will start to see the multitude of birds that have been incorporated into the design. Some of these subtle patterns may take years to discover which is part of the fun of owning such an artistic rug. Every time you look at it, you might discover something completely new that you never noticed before.

The combination of jewel tone colors bestow a remarkably artistic feel to this piece. While they are quite varied, the come together in such a magnificent way to create a beautiful backdrop for your interior design.

This oversized rug, with its unique coloration, unusually fine weave and refined pattern must have been a custom ordered carpet. It is obvious that whoever want this example was willing to wait the time and pay the price that was needed to create it.

If you are looking for a large rug and that showcases the skills of need to create some of the best Persian rugs, then this large oversized vintage Persian Tabriz rug will be hard to beat!

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