Large Ivory Geometric Design Central Asian Rug 11814


Size: 12 ft 11 in x 19 ft 5 in (3.94 m x 5.92 m)

A Beautiful Large Ivory Geometric Design Central Asian Rug, Country of Origin: Central Asia, Circa date: Modern Rugs – By now, you are probably aware that minimalism, with its attention to simple designs and neutral palettes, is here to stay. Earth-inspired designs are a focus of these trends and this rug fits in with its ivory and brown palette, but its geometric design also allows you to create a space with a modern edge.

The design of this large-size rug plays with symmetry in the overall design. Its rectangular checkerboard pattern is broken at seemingly spontaneous points, which gives the rug an abstract element that is perfect for modern spaces. Rugs that have a mass-produced look are being replaced by pieces with a more artistic character. The interruption of the overall pattern at seemingly random intervals helps give this rug a personal feel that adds a touch of expressiveness to your room.

The neutral colors of this rug could be used to create an inviting and cozy space when paired with other neutral elements. Using a tonal palette with whites, creams, or browns will give your minimalist room an updated look. The colors of the rug are refreshing and will help give your room a fresh, clean look. You could add depth by pairing it with a few pieces of overstuffed furniture or pieces of textured textiles.

This rug is perfect for the person who loves to create an organic space that mimics the outdoors with your favorite collection of plants or pieces made from natural materials. You could also use this rug as the foundation for a modern space with layers of bold colors. Ivories are finding their way into a range of contemporary decor styles. They add a touch of nature to the space, and this rug would be perfect for a transitional space with a combination of curves and hard lines. This versatile piece has a cozy look and feel that will help give you a fresh new look that will inspire your creativity or create a cozy sanctuary for relaxing.

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