Beautiful Large Size Ivory Color Antique Tribal Caucasian Karabagh Rug 71978


Size: 8 ft 6 in x 15 ft 4 in (2.59 m x 4.67 m)

Large Long and Narrow Size Beautiful Tribal Antique Caucasian Karabagh Rug, Country Of Origin: Caucasus, Circa date: 1900 – This gorgeous, antique tribal Caucasian rug, from around 1900, has a magnificent design and striking colors. The antique Karabagh rugs are some of the most beautiful rugs in the world and are coveted by many of the top area rug collectors and interior decorators for their wide variety of design and color combinations.

This larger long and narrow size antique tribal Caucasian Karabagh rug, is an excellent example of the tribal rugs of the region. The ivory field consists of a serrated leaf lattice linked by rosettes, with smaller geometricized motifs floating inside the lattice compartments. The large scale open designs, were created in alternating colors and juxtapose softly and beautifully against the lighter ivory color of the field. The exciting use of colors and tribal design converge and make this one of the more beautiful antique area rugs of its kind.

Ivory color rugs that are also tribal are a rarity in the world of antique tribal area rugs. The fact that this example was woven with a light background color is what makes all the secondary colors and tribal designs so beautiful. Such contrasts and carefully crated juxtapositions in color and pattern are a true testament to the abilities of these highly skilled weavers, who created some of the very best rugs in tribal approaches.

Long and narrow sizes are great for urban apartments that tend to have a similar ration in the size of the rooms. If you are looking to area rugs to buy for your home, and you love the more tribal feel, then this long and narrow antique Caucasian Karabagh rug would surely make a fantastic choice. Area rugs of this type are the kinds of pieces that become instant familiar heirloom rugs for that future generations will love and grow up with.

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