Ivory Textured Modern Distressed Rug 60822

Size: 9 ft 2 in x 11 ft 10 in (2.79 m x 3.61 m)

Alluring Ivory Textured Modern Distressed Rug, Country of Origin: Afghanistan, Circa Date: Modern – This ivory modern area rug is a classic with a clean geometric design that is modern and perfect for many of today’s style trends. This rug from Afghanistan boasts a design that is simple and was created using a tone-on-tone pattern accentuated by high and low pile. This creates texture and allows you to bring depth to the interior design.

An ivory color rug creates an elegant and fresh look in the room. The color and scale of this modern distressed rug will make the room feel spacious, open, and airy. This is the perfect piece for a room of colors that range from cream to white with a few pops of color throughout. It is also perfect for a black and white room where it will add a more natural tone without creating a harsh contrast.

Of course, an ivory rug allows you to use any range of colors in the space. If you are a person who loves color, this wool rug brings a grounded and balanced feel to the room design. You can choose to use a lot of colors or a few pops here and there. Whether you prefer warm or cool colors, this rug is the perfect match.

The simple lines and design make this rug perfect for Modern furniture with elegant lines and angular features. If you want to add some interest, you could also try a jewel-tone velvet sofa with a curved back. This handmade rug has a linear design, but the artist presents it in a way that is casual and relaxed. This extends the design potential of the piece and expands its artistic possibilities.

Today’s modern rooms are all about creating layers of texture and color. One popular trend is using layers of rugs on top of other area rugs in your interior design, and this one would be the perfect foundation. You could add in a few antique Persian rugs or other colorful geometric designs. Modern design is all about breaking the rules and creating a space that reflects our personality, and this modern rug is the perfect beginning to an inspired modern design in any room of the home.

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