Ivory Floral Modern Oushak Runner Rug 60872

Size: 3 ft x 9 ft 9 in (0.91 m x 2.97 m)

Beautiful Ivory Floral Modern Oushak Runner Rug, Country of Origin / Rug Type: Afghanistan, Circa date: Modern –  Now, Nazmiyal’s collection of modern Turkish Oushak area rugs gives them new life with an updated and fresh look.

The design of this modern Turkish rug captures the essence of the beautiful of the magnificent antique Turkish carpets that are considered true masterpieces. These rugs were known for their beautiful abstract floral designs and traditional elements. They were favorites in Victorian homes and remained popular choices throughout the decades. Now, we love them just as much as ever. Artists are breathing new life to these classics and giving them an updated, fresh look.

This beautiful runner rug uses many elements of these treasured classics, but it looks as if time has softened the edges and given it a gentler character than its predecessors. Traditional Oushak rugs were known for their vibrant colors that are sometimes a little too much for modern interiors. This collection allows you to enjoy the patterns and colors, only in more subdued tones that are more suitable for contemporary interiors. The gorgeous ivory and light blue features of this rug will create a light and airy feel in the room. The designs are bold, but they also have a delicate character that is refined and graceful which make decorating your home with this modern Turkish Oushak rug a pure joy.

This gorgeous rug from Afghanistan is perfect for a hallway or longer room. Its classic design would be the perfect fit for traditional furniture or a room of elegant antiques. You could use it as an accent rug to create a layered interior design look, or along a wall to highlight a vignette of your favorite finds. This rug would also be an excellent piece for long, narrow kitchens that are found in many contemporary homes.

Blue has a calming effect, and ivory creates a feeling that is clean and fresh. The blues are reminiscent of water or sky, and this modern Oushak runner rug is the perfect way to bring an element of nature into the space. This is a beautiful piece that will make the perfect addition to your home or office whether your style is classic or modern.

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