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History And Antique Rugs Greenwich Connecticut

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Greenwich Antique Rugs and The Historical Town Of Greenwich CT

Antique Rugs GreenwichNazmiyal Antique Rug Gallery in NYC has been supplying and working with interior designers and the sophisticated consumers of Greenwich Connecticut for many years. The affluent makeup of the town’s inhabitants has fueled  much of the demand for important, historically significant as well as decorative antique Oriental rugs. The antique rug buyers and carpet collectors in of Greenwich are known for their impeccable taste. When it comes to antiques and interiors, the people of Greenwich tend to only want the best examples and most beautiful pieces.

Greenwich Connecticut Interior Design Nazmiyal

Antique Rugs Greenwich – Greenwich Connecticut Interior Design By Fox Nahem Interiors With Antique Rug

The town of Greenwich Connecticut is home to a range of antique stores and art galleries. These stores mostly cater to the historically conscious taste and refinement of its residents. Given our commitment to the timeless elegance that antique rugs or carpets can provide Nazmiyal looks forward to meeting the demanding standards of Greenwich residents and those of the surrounding area.

The town of Greenwich holds a special place within the long and distinguished history of Connecticut. Already in the 1630’s, Connecticut began to be settled by colonists from Massachusetts Bay. In 1640, Elizabeth Fones Winthrop, daughter of Massachusetts founding father John Winthrop, established Greenwich as the westernmost of the new settlements along the coast of Long Island Sound. The current site of Greenwich Point was originally called Elizabeth’s Point in memory of her purchase of the area now known as Old Greenwich.

Antique Rugs Greenwich - Persian Rug in Home Interior Design In Greenwich CT Nazmiyal

Antique Rugs Greenwich: Home Interior Design In Greenwich CT With Antique Persian Rug

By 1665, Greenwich was formally recognized as a township by the Connecticut General Assembly in Hartford. Throughout the later seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, Greenwich grew into a prominent mercantile coastal center within the steady economic expansion of the colony.

Greenwich also figured prominently in the War of Independence. In 1779, it was the site of a daring escape from the British by famed General Israel Putnam, who had previously served at Bunker Hill and the Battle of Long Island. The British burned much of Greenwich at the time, but, in escaping, Putnam was able to warn nearby Stamford.

Beautiful Greenwich Connecticut Estate Nazmiyal

Beautiful Greenwich Connecticut Estate

Today Greenwich history lives on at sites like Putnam Cottage and Bush Holley House. Putnam Cottage was traditionally named because of its popular association with Israel Putnam even though he only visited it briefly. It was originally built in the 1660’s, by Timothy Knapp and later, in the late seventeenth century, it was remodeled and converted from a home into a tavern that served as a meeting place for local Freemasons.

Bush Holley House Dinning Room Nazmiyal

Bush Holley House Dinning Room With Antique Persian Rugs

During the War of Independence it hosted not only Putnam, but George Washington as well. After undergoing various additional remodeling in the nineteenth century it was restored to its original form for the country’s Bicentennial. The nearby Bush-Holley House, located in what is now Cos Cob, was built in 1738 although it attained much of its present Georgian form when it passed into the hands of the prominent Greenwich Bush family. It eventually became the Cos Cob Post Office, and later, in the nineteenth century, after it was acquired by the Holley family, it served as a boarding house for artists and writers. Today it functions as the central museum and visitor center from the Greenwich Historical Society, and, along with Putnam House, it provides modern visitors with a unique opportunity to experience once again Connecticut’s grand historical tradition.

Modern Greenwich remains a center of Connecticut culture and elegance that recalls its distinguished past. Although it is no longer a significant mercantile port, the town’s maritime tradition is now recalled by the Greenwich Yacht Club. Greenwich can also claim the Bruce Museum, which features a prominent collection of traditional and modern painting and sculpture, frequent special exhibitions, and a wide range of cultural events.

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