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Antique Rugs Connecticut – The state of Connecticut has a rich history that goes all the way back to the beginning of Colonial America. First settled by Dutch fur traders from New Amsterdam (later called New York City), Connecticut had already attracted spin-off English settlements from the Massachusetts Bay Colony by the 1630’s at Saybrook and New Haven. Soon after, new towns were established down the coast of Long Island Sound and all the way to Norwalk, Stamford and Greenwich, and then up the Connecticut River Valley at Wethersfield, Hartford, and Windsor.

Historic Connecticut Castle by Nazmiyal

Historic Connecticut Castle

Throughout the later seventh and eighteenth centuries, Connecticut proved to be a wealthy colony. The wealth of Connecticut came by virtue of its rich agriculture and the successful maritime commerce of its coastal towns and cities. During the American Revolution, Connecticut’s farmers and merchants were key players in the struggle for independence. And following their victory, Connecticut blazed the trail during the industrial revolution, as its ‘Yankee ingenuity’ made the state a powerhouse of technological invention and manufacturing, eventually producing many of the captains of American industry.

Given its strong economic foundation and accomplishment, Connecticut naturally assumed a leading American cultural position as well. CT came to be the home of some of what are today regarded as our finest colleges and universities. This is inline with CT today as it supports an impressive array of museums and historical societies dedicated to preserving its rich heritage.

Antique Rugs Connecticut by Nazmiyal

Antique Rugs Connecticut – Rustic Interior Design

Connecticut’s residents have a long and distinguished past behind them. They represent a discerning public who proudly maintain a sense of tradition in fine, often historic, landmark homes, appointed with lovingly collected antique furnishings for which Connecticut is also famous. But whether old or new, Connecticut homes and interior designs are synonymous with refined upscale taste, elegance, and discernment. A setting where the classic and the antique merge with the finest in contemporary design and décor.

Antique rugs and carpets are very much a part of Connecticut’s history. In early colonial times only those of the highest social standing had access to Oriental rugs. Too precious to be used as floor coverings, they served instead as wall hanging Tapestries and tablecloths. But by the later nineteenth century, during the time of the great revival in Persian rugs and Caucasian carpet weaving, Connecticut came to provide one of the most receptive rug markets in New England, as oriental antique area rugs and antique textiles became a virtually indispensable component of fine interior décor.

For those today who still value the place of tradition within their homes, we at Nazmiyal antique rugs are dedicated to maintaining the sophisticated balance between the past and the present. We offer our clients and antique rug collectors the essential element of timeless quality that only an antique carpet or rug can provide, the link that anchors the modern quest for elegance within the solid foundation of vintage or antique tradition. And here the possibilities are endless. Tradition comes in all styles and forms, from an almost modern simplicity to the dazzling complexities of design generally associated with the oriental carpet. Whatever your tastes, we invite you to explore the possibilities that Nazmiyal can offer. Browse the extensive collection on our website and find what it is that you need to maintain the proud tradition of Connecticut in your home.

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