Garden Design Modern Turkish Oushak Rug 60389

Size: 10 ft 7 in x 14 ft (3.23 m x 4.27 m)

Stunning Garden Design Modern Modern Turkish Oushak Rug / Country of Origin: Turkey, Circa Date: Modern – This gorgeous, earth-inspired garden design rug is a modern rug that draws on traditional Turkish Oushak rugs that have been gracing the interiors of homes for hundreds of years. This Chahar Bagh rug was created using a popular design known as the “garden” design. This design features bordered sections that contain an array of plants, mimicking the gardens and paths of the formal gardens of the Ottoman Courts.

This modern Turkish Oushak rug was created using a traditional design but with colors that blend perfectly with contemporary design trends. This beautiful modern area rug has a neutral background and was created in a way that gives it an aged, vintage feel. The design gives it a sense of formality that would allow it to fit into a dining hall or formal conversation area. It also has a tribal feel that is perfect for a Boho Chic room.

Neutrals are a staple that continues to be used by designers to create a calming feel in the space. This area rug is the perfect piece for adding a touch of color. It has a design that blends traditional and modern elements to create a unique piece that is versatile enough for a range of design trends. It has a folk-art, shabby chic feel that would work well in a Japanese Wabi-Sabi, Nordic-inspired, or Eco Chic space. Its ancient feel and colors would complement basketry, natural woods, stone countertops, terrazzo floor tiles, and oversized plants.

Today’s interior trends are about layering rugs and creating contrast both visually and in the textures that are chosen. This Turkish rug would be an excellent addition to a layered carpet look or for a room that features modern furniture with simple lines in neutral colors. This garden design modern Turkish Oushak rug is perfect for any room of the home, including the dining room, kitchen, living room, library, or bedroom. It is an inspiring piece that will be enjoyed for many years to come.

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