Neutral Tribal Floral Modern Turkish Oushak Design Area Rug 11602

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Size: 9 ft 10 in x 13 ft 8 in (3 m x 4.17 m)

Decorative Neutral Tribal Floral Modern Turkish Oushak Design Area Rug, Country of origin: Central Asia, Circa date: Modern Rugs – Turkish Oushak rugs have a charm that has fascinated designers and found their way into formal rooms for centuries. The bold abstract floral designs and colors always give the room a feeling of grandeur and elegance. The simple, tribal motifs add a touch of charm to our interior spaces that makes them feel warm and welcoming. This rug is a modern design that draws inspiration from traditional Turkish rugs and is a delightful way to bring the sophisticated feeling of an Oushak rug to your home or office in a way that is updated and contemporary.

The design of this piece closely resembles one of the treasured rugs that have been loved throughout history. The beautiful flowers add a splash of color and give it a garden theme. One of the elements that set this rug apart from the originals is its soft color palette. Instead of the brilliant reds and blues you find on the originals, this rug looks as if time has softened its palette, giving it a more delicate feel.

The beautiful blues and pinks of this rug are the perfect way to add color to a neutral palette or to add an antique feel to a room of mixed whites and creams. The rug has a tribal feel that will help you create a fascinating, soft Boho Chic design. This rug has a dreamy feel that would be a luxurious landing for your feet in a bedroom or the centerpiece of a conversation area. You could picture it as the foundation of a formal dining area with an elegant chandelier and minimalist chairs to show it off.

This rug features a classic design and adds an air of sophistication to the space. Turkish rugs are a design staple that can enhance any room style from traditional to contemporary. This one is an excellent way to add this classic look to your decor without the need to break your love of soft colors and neutrals.

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