Fine Vintage Tabriz Persian Gonbad Design Rug 51088

Size: 11 ft 11 in x 16 ft 3 in (3.63 m x 4.95 m)

Artistically Rendered Fine Gonbad Design Vintage Tabriz Persian Rug 51088, area Rug Type: Vintage Persian Rug, Rug Circa:  Later Part Of The 20th Century – This magnificent vintage Persian Gonbad design rug is breathtaking vintage Persian Tabriz rug is a brilliant masterpiece. Its large rug size is fully redeemed by a breathtaking Islimi arabesque design that weaves idyllic darker colored vines, purple flowers, gold tones and an elaborate circular nucleus into a stunningly cohesive whole. The colors and patterns of this magnificent vintage Persian rug bring out the best in each other, and ultimately, their beautiful unison testifies to the natural genius and skillful mastery of the artist.

The background of this breathtaking Persian rug is a calming blue color this juxtaposed against the surrounding band of happy yellowish gold tones. These tones shines with a lovely archaic yet luxurious luster. Spiraling earthy colored vines, studded with intricately rendered flowers, decorate the area around the centerpiece. Two framing guard borders, with intricate floral designs, and crisp alternating red and white background colors, encapsulate the wide border on each of its sides. The main wide border of this magnificent Persian Tabriz rug contains a symmetrical design of delicate vines and exotic flowers that were created to compliment the design and colors in Gonbad rug’s the field.

The framing border elements and vine decorations beautifully complement the nucleus of the vintage rug. The darker colored large central circular element, which occupies almost the entire central field, is beautifully juxtaposed against the lighter shades of the rug’s field. This large central design figure is characterized by a kaleidoscopic tapestry that combines the vine and flower illustrations of the surrounding areas in a mesmerizing fashion.

Along the perimeter of the central medallion, large tear-drop like formations are uniformly placed in a brick-like pattern. As we follow the pattern towards the nucleus of the Gonbad pattern vintage Persian Tabriz rug, they become smaller in size. This creates a breathtaking multidimensional visual effect that mimics the magnificent dome ceilings that we see in some of the most magnificent Islamic Mosques. Finally, the very center is a light captivating cream discoid shape with subtle gold streaks and an intriguing star shape.

This bold and beautiful vintage Persian Tabriz Gonbad rug is a work of supreme artistry. It is an extremely luxurious rug that is sure add an authentic vintage flair to any interior design setting.

Like many of the most captivating vintage Persian Tabriz rugs, the viewer can delight in the presence of numerous minuscule details. A unifying series of floral forms and weaving stems define the foreground within the border and center of the vintage Persian rug. Beautiful patterning and ample round circular rug forms provide viewers with a symmetrical array of colors and shapes, the arrangement versatile in how the rug may be applied in the home.

The kaleidoscopic effect is particularly pronounced at the very center of the oriental rug, where the beautiful field features pomegranate shapes that begin large around the edges of the field and grow smaller to signify depth as they come closer to the exquisite mandala at its center.

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