Fine Small Size Vintage Silk Turkish Hereke Prayer Rug 50703

Size: 2 ft 10 in x 4 ft 4 in (0.86 m x 1.32 m)
Origin: Turkish Rugs

Beautiful and Finely Woven Fine Vintage Silk Turkish Hereke Prayer Rug, Country Of Origin / Rug Type: Turkish Rug, Circa Date: Mid 20th Century – A flock of delicately stitched birds perches in the spreading boughs of a golden tree over this vintage Turkish rug. Rendered in warm hues ranging from brick red through soft pink or sunny yellow, the design unfolds symmetrically about the long axis, giving the silk Turkish Hereke Prayer rug a meditative balance. The earthy shades of the growing tree add to its fertile symbolism, as do the limbs, so heavily laden with small flowers bearing white petals. Ornamenting the tall centerpiece, studded among the blossoms, mirrored pairs of birds settle. The exotic beasts exhibit fine details with gentle eyes and draping tails, perfect accents for the harmony of the tree itself. A baroque, curling edge in each corner adds to the rich majesty, complemented by the elegant border that scrolls about, enclosing the central field of this luxurious Hereke rug. Pink and gold blossoms enhance the natural theme amidst curling decorations like antique jewelry, meant to dazzle and impress.

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