Small Artistic Green Background Fine Luxurious Vintage Qum Persian Silk Rug 72761

Size: 4 ft 4 in x 6 ft 10 in (1.32 m x 2.08 m)
Origin: Persian Rugs

Amazing Small Artistic Green Background Fine Luxurious Vintage Qum Persian Silk Rug, country of origin: Persian Rugs, Circa date: Vintage – Qum began creating beautiful rugs that would soon become favorites around the world in the 1930s. They were influenced by the world of art and architecture, producing designs that met the needs of wealthy European buyers. They relied on traditional Persian rug designs as a foundation, but they added a few contemporary details. This resulted in unique rugs that could be found nowhere else. This rug is a fine example with its brilliant contrasting colors and classic layout.

The overall feel of this rug fits into the Art Deco aesthetic. The oriental design appears to be superimposed on top of a geometric field. The geometric background with its bold lines contributes to the Art Deco feel of the piece. It also resembles the field found on many Chinese rugs, accentuating the oriental feel of the piece.

The design elements and brilliant colors of this rug come together to create a rug that shows the skill of the artist. It is an excellent addition to many decor styles, including Art Deco and vintage-themed spaces. This rug has an elegant feel that is perfect for classic room designs and a collection of fine antiques. It is soft and has a sophisticated feel that will instantly give any room an uplift.

Qum rugs are known for their fine quality and use of silk as the material for the weft. Silk can be spun into fine threads that allow Qum rugs to have a high knot count and allow for intricate details. Silk also has a luster that bounces natural light back into the space and makes it feel more open. The softness of silk underfoot is unrivaled and always creates a luxurious feel. This rug is a classic and an excellent example of the artistry of Qum weavers. This rug will add elegance to any space in which you choose to use it and will add a timeless character to your home or business.

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