Extra Large Antique Persian Tabriz Carpet 50118

Size: 17 ft 7 in x 27 ft 7 in (5.36 m x 8.41 m)
Origin: Persian Rugs

A complex, richly detailed design dominates this rug, with its pale colors striking against the crimson background. Delicate intricacy, masterful symmetry, and a singular elegance create a truly fitting statement piece.

Large Oversized Antique Tabriz Carpet, Country of Origin / Rug Type: Persian Rugs, Circa Date: 1900 — This is an incredible piece from one of the most famous rug centers in the world. The carpet uses reds, slate blues, browns and ivory blended to create a carpet of exquisite detail. The size of the carpet means that it was probably a commission from a wealthier customer. Its wear indicates that it was used in a well-traveled space and might have spent part of its life in a public building.

Tabriz was the location of the weaving schools of the Persian courts. The designs were created by masters who were trained to design carpets that were intended to inspire awe in those who entered the space. This carpet was produced around the year 1900 and reflects the schooled precision of the master carpet works located in Tabriz.

The antique Tabriz carpet has an all-over design with familiar traditional motifs such as cloud bands and Shah Abbas palmettes. Cloud bands are borrowed from Chinese art and are representative of the heavenly realms. The Shah Abbasi palmette is a classic design that was introduced during the height of the Persian Empire, and that remained a part of the carpet weaving tradition.

The graceful florals of the carpet and the attention to detail make this piece an excellent example of Tabriz rug making skills. The Persian carpet has history and a story woven into every thread. The border of the carpet uses a darker background, which frames the central design. The smaller motifs will make the room appear to be larger than it is. The pattern is repeated throughout the length of the carpet with a precision that is only found in carpets that were a part of the weaving traditions of the royal courts.

We do not know where this carpet has been, or what feet have walked upon it, but it will be a special piece for the right space. It would be perfectly at home in any traditional setting where it can once again serve as a piece to inspire awe in everyone who sees it. A piece of this size and level of detail is a rare find.

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