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Rug shoppers in Puerto Rico can view a few of the more popular area rug and fine carpet styles:

Our Puerto Rican rug buyers and clients are invited to shop our vast collection of vintage, modern and antique area rugs. Our Puerto Rican private customers have been buying some of the best modern, vintage and antique area rugs to use in their Puerto Rico homes. We have also been selling rugs to Puerto Rican rug dealers as well as rugs stores and galleries in Puerto Rico. Our clients in Puerto Rico have been mostly buying their rugs online throughout our website but sometimes we have the wonderful privilege of meeting them in person. But regardless of how the rugs were sold, or the caliber of rugs they were look at, the Puerto Rican rug shoppers and clients themselves were so amazing and a pleasure to deal with.

 From San Juan to Guaynabo and from Canóvanas to Mayagüez, our affluent and wealthy private clients and high-end interior designers in Puerto Rico have been purchasing some of the most luxurious antique rugs and rugs in the world. And Since our clients from Puerto Rico will incur no shipping charges and added fees from the USA side, they can save when they buy rugs from us at Nazmiyal.

Below, for our Puerto Rican rug clients, are some of the more popular area rug types:

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