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Decoration Interieure Moderne – During the middle years of the twentieth century, artisanal carpet and rug weaving enjoyed a tremendous renaissance. All over the world, the interest in fine area rugs and carpets was on the rise, and leading designers snapped up as many pieces as they could. In Scandinavia and France especially, organized ateliers began to pop up, each of which had its own style and approach to rug weaving. The prestigious French design firm Décoration Intérieure Moderne also known as Décore-Installe-Meuble or DIM (1919-1953) was established by pioneering metal worker René Joubert and theatrical designer Georges Mouveau in 1919.

Following Mouveau’s departure in 1924, Philippe Petit joined the firm beginning the Joubert et Petit partnership. Luxury products produced by the firm include furniture, carpets, lighting products and complete concept rooms that often featured innovative materials introduced in the art deco movement. DIM was part of the economic renewal occurring in Paris following WWI, which also included the inaugural department stores where their products were featured. Clients who commissioned exclusive designs from DIM include royalty from all over the world. DIM rugs are among the most exciting and the most beautiful of mid-century carpets and area rugs. These breathtaking pieces represent an iconic development in the French rug making tradition.

The French Design Firm Of Décoration Intérieure Moderne

“Décoration Intérieure Moderne” (DIM) was indeed a notable French design firm that operated from 1919 to 1953. DIM was a pioneering interior design and furniture company founded by Jean Dunand and Jean Goulden in Paris, France.

The firm gained prominence for its innovative and modern approach to interior design, furniture, and decorative arts during the early to mid-20th century. DIM was known for its Art Deco style, characterized by geometric shapes, luxurious materials, and a focus on craftsmanship.

DIM’s designs encompassed a wide range of interior elements, including furniture, lighting, wall coverings, textiles, and other decorative objects. The firm aimed to create harmonious and functional living spaces that reflected the spirit of the times while incorporating artistic and aesthetic elements.

One of DIM’s most famous projects was the interior decoration of the luxury ocean liner SS Normandie in the 1930s. The firm also participated in various international exhibitions, showcasing their innovative designs to a global audience.

DIM played a significant role in shaping the French Art Deco movement and contributed to the evolution of interior design and decorative arts during the first half of the 20th century. However, by the mid-20th century, changing design trends and economic challenges led to the closure of the firm in 1953.

The legacy of Décoration Intérieure Moderne continues to influence contemporary interior design and serves as a testament to the creativity and innovation of French design during that era.

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