Decorative Soft Green Modern Turkish Oushak Rug 60404

Size: 6 ft 3 in x 9 ft 8 in (1.9 m x 2.95 m)

Beautiful Decorative Soft Green Modern Turkish Oushak Rug. Country of Origin: Turkey / Circa Date: ModernTraditional Turkish rugs have been adding their elegance and charm to interior designs since the 15th century. Today, these, now, antique rugs, still serve as inspiration for creating rooms that reflect these traditions but in a way that is updated and made for contemporary styles. Oushak rugs have been a favorite among designers for creating interiors that have a formal and elegant quality, but yet, ones that have a tribal, primitive touch.

Our modern Turkish Oushak rugs rely on traditional motifs, but they recreate them in a way that gives them an abstract quality that is recognizable in the world of fine carpets. Today, the Oushak weavers continue these traditions by drawing on elements from these designs seen in vintage area rugs and incorporating them in modern area rugs that are updated and fresh. This tribal rug has an all-over design that is similar to traditional Oushak designs. The modern Turkish area rug recreates these traditional elements in a way that gives them the appearance of a watercolor painting or a modern abstract.

This treatment of traditional motifs gives the rug an ageless, timeless character and worldly appeal. It has an earthy feel that is almost as if the colors have been washed by gentle rains over the centuries. This soft ivory and green color rug is a piece of modern art for your floor and will make a beautiful addition to an urban design.

Modern designers continue to turn to neutral colors, such as greys and blues to create a subdued, peaceful feeling within the space. They are also giving these traditional color combinations an updated look by adding pops of color. This one is the perfect pair for modern colors such as Mosaic Blue, Sky Blue, Canyon Clay, and Biscay Green. The rug colors and patterns have an earthy feel that is eco-friendly and make the perfect foundation for creating a space for relaxation and recharging.

This is a beautiful modern Turkish Oushak rug that is the perfect inspiration for creating a room that reflects ancient traditions but in a way that is updated for contemporary room design styles. Pieces that allow you to combine elements from different styles, including antiques and modern ones, are a design trend that is here to stay for a long time to come. This decorative area rug borrows from the past and allows you to blend pieces that inspire you to create a space that is uniquely yours.

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