Decorative Earth Tone Tribal Large Scale Primitive Design Casual Antique Persian Sultanabad Rug 47464

Size: 10 ft 9 in x 16 ft 7 in (3.28 m x 5.05 m)
Origin: Persian Rugs

Outsized floral elements complement the patina of the carpet, which is an excellent and alluring example. Its age enhances its unique composition.

A Magnificent And Decorative Earth-tone Colored Antique Persian Sultanabad Rug, Country Of Origin: Persia, Circa Date: ~1880 – Here is an exciting and unique antique Oriental rug – an antique Sultanabad carpet, woven in Persia during the first half of the twentieth century. Characterized by a deep patina as well as a composition of oversized floral detail work, this alluring carpet possesses a unique and compelling quality. The borders set the tone for the piece remarkably well; a series of inner and outer borders, rendered in the gold and brown tones that color the entire composition, feature intriguing detail work.

The primary border specifically is resplendent with a series of oversized floral detail elements, arranged one after the other throughout the perimeter. A similar idea is explored within the field. Colored a deep brown that has aged beautifully, the field is awash with large, almost tribal floral elements. These large blooms are drawn in an intriguing manner, neither overly detailed nor overly simplistic. These oversized floral elements complement the patina of the carpet, which is an excellent and alluring example.

The earthy chocolate and pinks of this Sultanabad rug woven  give it a peaceful and harmonious feel. It is an all-over pattern that does not appear to repeat across the field of the carpet. This creates interest and gives you something new to explore in every corner. The design of this magnificent antique Persian rug uses larger floral motifs mixed with increasingly smaller ones to add layers of design to this magnificent piece.

It has a rustic as well as a shabby chic rug quality that would make it the perfect addition to Bohemian or eclectic decor. It would also create a sense of timelessness in a traditional room. The gorgeous color and a character of this antique rug would make an excellent addition to a loft or open-plan space, or to add a layer of color and texture to modern design. It is a practical design that will complement several styles and bring out your creativity.

This antique Persian Sultanabad rug has a warm and cozy feel that is a combination of the rich chocolate tone and simple shapes. Although much of the is design is based on simple shapes without a high level of detail, of particular interest, are the outer and inner guard borders. These borders contain a highly intricate design that contrasts with the level of detail throughout the rest of the rug. This supports that this is indeed a fine rug and that the lack of detail was a design choice, rather than a limitation of the weave. This is a lovely and fascinating piece that would make an excellent addition to a space that needs a carpet with a warm tone and a natural feel.

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