Decorative Antique Luxurious Turkish Oushak Warm Tone Allover Rug 71853

Size: 11 ft 2 in x 14 ft 2 in (3.4 m x 4.32 m)
Origin: Turkish Rugs

Stunningly Decorative Antique Luxurious Allover Design Turkish Oushak Warm Tone Rug, Origin: Turkey, Circa date: 1900 – The antique Turkish Oushak rugs have been one of the most favorite types of area rugs for many of the top interior decorators. These antique Turkish rugs tend to have lighter more washed out colors, larger scale design motifs and softer textures that other area rug styles. This combination of soft colors and more open “relaxed” patterns make these area rugs relatively easy to place in rooms and to position among different furniture layouts.

Few antique rugs will be as versatile as the antique Turkish Oushak rugs. One can easily take this piece from a more traditional interior and place it in different setting such as an urban modern decors or even a Bauhaus Scandinavian modern designs at it will still look at home. That versatility is one of the more exciting aspects of these truly decorative area rugs.

The allover rug design of this Oushak was created through the use of interconnected floral motifs. Some of the connecting branches can easily be seen while others or somewhat more hidden and ghost like. This gives the piece a much more open feel that is sure to enhance any of the decorative elements in the room without overpowering the space. This warm tone rug also has a sheen that is reminiscent of the beautiful silk rugs which further adds to its luxurious and high-end rug feel.

People who are shopping for area rugs for their home and are hoping to source area rugs that are both historical and decorative, will be hard pressed to top this example. Due to them being in such high demand for such a long time, the Turkish Oushak area rugs like this one, especially those rugs that were created in the 19th century, are becoming increasingly more rare.

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