Cream Geometric Modern Distressed Rug 60790

Size: 13 ft 9 in x 16 ft 5 in (4.19 m x 5 m)

Charming Cream Geometric Modern Distressed Rug, Country of Origin: Afghanistan, Circa Date: Modern – This beautiful cream colored area rug was inspired by the designs of the Moroccan Berber tribe rugs that have created these masterpieces for centuries. One of the characteristics that has made Moroccan rugs a staple of modern decor through the decades is the organic designs and beautiful colors. This magnificent modern rug from Afghanistan is part of Nazmiyal’s modern distressed rug collection.

The artist beautifully mimicked the bright colors and spontaneous patterns of traditional Moroccan rug weavers. It is a gorgeous piece with just a touch of color throughout. This is the perfect rug for a design that features natural elements and a hint of color in the throw pillows and other accessories. The rugs from Morocco were popular during the middle part of the 20th century when they were used as the foundation for furniture styles that feature open space underneath and minimal legs.

Recently, these furniture styles have once again become popular, and this rug makes the perfect foundation for creating a modern or retro feel in the room. The accent colors against the cream background give the rug a light and airy feel. The scale of the design and tone of the color palette is perfect for making a smaller room look larger. You could enhance this effect by placing the furniture partially on and partially off the rug to create the illusion of space.

This is the perfect area rug for defining an area to be used as a home office or conversation area. It could also be used to brighten your bedroom. This modern rug will set the right tone for a colorful Boho Chic collection or any contemporary style. It uses a high and low pile to create a soft texture and to give the piece depth. This handmade rug has a distinctive tribal flavor that is perfect for an Eco-Chic space or for a space that features natural materials where you want to create an organic feel. This soft wool pile area rug brings a touch of tradition and echoes of the natural world to the interior. It is the perfect foundation for creating a room that feels like a retreat from the rest of the world.

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