Brown Earth Tones Modern Distressed Rug 60690

Size: 5 ft 11 in x 8 ft 10 in (1.8 m x 2.69 m)

Charming Brown Earth Tones Modern Distressed Rug, Country of Origin: Afghanistan, Circa Date: Modern – This gorgeous area rug from Afghanistan is both modern and earthy, making it perfect for today’s style trends from retro to Boho and Eco-Chic. The combination of colors reminds us of the natural world that creates a calming feel in the room. The pattern is modern and has an abstract feel. The result is a modern contemporary rug that feels both simple and minimalist but ultramodern and contemporary at the same time.

The organic stripes of this modern distressed rug have a retro feel and would be perfect for a midcentury modern-inspired design. Furniture styles with simple shapes and open spaces underneath have once again made a comeback in styles, such as Nordic, Minimalist and an updated version of Mid-century modern and Scandinavian design. This brown earth tone color area rug has a primitive feel and will make a beautiful foundation for these style trends.

This modern distressed rug has an earthy feel and distressed look that makes it perfect for Boho Chic and or Japanese Wabi-Sabi styles. Neutrals with a touch of delicate blue give it a feeling of serenity, much like taking a walk in nature and being outside under a beautiful blue sky. The colors remind you of the Earth and sky. Only you can bring this feeling to the interior of your home.

This magnificent hand knotted pile rug adds a natural element to the room and could easily fit into any modern style. You could use it with natural bamboo and hand-thrown pottery in the kitchen, or you could add some plants in light blue pots with some light blue throws for a peaceful living room or bedroom. This modern distressed area rug has many possibilities for creating a design that is modern and that reflects your personality throughout every inch of the space. The artist managed to create a piece that is versatile and perfect for a range of contemporary style trends.

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