Brown and Cream Vintage Abstract Mid Century Modern Berber Moroccan Rug 45010

Size: 5 ft x 10 ft (1.52 m x 3.05 m)
Origin: Morocco Rugs

This 20th century Moroccan rug features a highly visual pattern of discontinuous stripes woven in a combination of cocoa brown and ivory.

Earthy Vintage Mid Century Moroccan Rug, Origin: Morocco, Circa: 20th Century – Vintage Moroccan rugs are among the most sought after and most collectible of all artisanal rugs. Tremendously popular, rugs such as this fantastic Moroccan piece have been in particularly high demand since the middle years of the twentieth century, when the leading designers of Europe and North America frequently paired such rugs with the minimalist aesthetic that they were working on popularizing.

Woven in Morocco in the mid twentieth century, at the height of demand for such pieces, this textural Moroccan rug features fabulous shaggy pile and a bold abstract stripe pattern featuring classic neutral colors with tiny flecks of color that give this carpet a very versatile and timeless persona ideal for mid-century modern decor. Moroccan rugs offer a unique opportunity to own something beautiful that is traditional and also distinctively modern.

This fabulous mid century modern Moroccan area rug has a sophisticated minimalist composition full of nuanced details that emphasize the textural color variations while maintaining the modernity that makes Moroccan rugs so versatile and popular. The more one spends time living and examining it, the more you will see just how beautiful it is. The soft earthy speckles in the background create a flow that is reminiscent of a the wind blowing cross the warm desert sands in northern Africa.

Area rugs like this, tend to look quite at home in almost any interior design style. The relatively simple earthy brown coloration and very basic approach to the design and pattern make it easy to look beautiful almost anywhere you choose to plop it down. For those who love simplicity and are drawn towards the more neutral and more earthy colors, this brown vintage mid century rug from morocco will be a very strong option.

Vintage rugs such as this have been the go to for many interior decorators in the USA. Especially for those who need more affordably priced area rugs as these vintage rugs from Morocco tend to be very inexpensive compared to other types of area rugs.

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