Vintage Scandinavian Swedish Rug by Brita Grahn 47668

Size: 6 ft 5 in x 6 ft 8 in (1.96 m x 2.03 m)

Here is an intriguing vintage rug – a Scandinavian rug, woven and designed by the celebrated Swedish rug-makers of the mid-twentieth century. This dynamic and eye-catching piece, the design of which is attributed to the noted Brita Grahn, is primarily characterized by its sparse border and complex field. Indeed, the field possesses an especially grabbing design, in which a series of rectangular spaces are diagonally bifurcated from opposing corners, creating a series of V shapes, reminiscent, perhaps, of downward pointing arrowheads. Most interestingly is the mechanism through which this diagonal bifurcation occurs, a mechanism that consists of a series of small, diagonally stacked squares, brightly colored in yellow, green, or red. Radiating outward from the diagonal lines formed by these stacked squares is a tone that is either a paler or a darker shade of brown-grey – whichever contrasts more with the main square shape. Dynamic and exciting, this exemplary mid-century modern Swedish rug by Brita Grahn is a fascinating and enduringly appealing composition.

Vintage Scandinavian Swedish Rug by Brita Grahn, Origin: Sweden, Circa: Mid-20th Century – This dynamic vintage Swedish carpet is a fascinating modern composition with undertones of Swedish traditionalism. Brita Grahn is an important figure in the world of Swedish textile arts. She is known for geometric tiled works carried out with precision and using beautifully blended colors. Some of her most collectible works were produced during the mid-20th century, such as this fine rug using natural tones.

This magnificent vintage rug is based on tiled squares using light tones, mid-tones, and dark tones ranging from camel to medium brown. These earthy browns are accented by hues of burgundy, yellow, and blue. This creates the effect of shading and causes this fascinating Swedish flat weave rug by Brita Grahn to appear to be three dimensional cubes when viewed from a distance. This effect is something that Brita Grahn’s work is widely known for.

Grahn was a textile designer who created similar pieces for art exhibitions that were meant to be viewed from both a distance and up close, creating a completely different experience depending on the perspective of the viewer. This vintage Scandinavian rug uses the same principle only in a size that is suitable for the home or office.

Pieces such as this were perfectly at home among the works of mid-20th-century artists such as Paul Klee, the architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright, and Mondrian. The precisely executed geometric shapes blend in well with the sleek, geometric lines of Eames Era furniture. This vintage kilim is an important piece of vintage mid century modern art that still works well in a number of contemporary designs. This vintage Scandinavian Swedish rug by Brita Grahn is an excellent collectible because of its historical value and is value as a modern piece from a famous textile designer.

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