Blue Modern Moroccan Style Room Size Rug 60122

Size: 9 ft x 11 ft 9 in (2.74 m x 3.58 m)

Magnificent Blue Modern Moroccan Style Afghan Rug / Country of Origin: Afghanistan/ Circa Date: ModernInterior design trend forecasts predict that the concept of bringing elements of classic designs into modern interiors is set to continue well into the future. Designs that draw from the past but combine them with contemporary design elements are being seen in styles from traditional to ultra-modern. This beautiful modern area rug embodies the idea of drawing inspiration from the past but doing so in a way that is updated and modern.

This room size rug was made in Afghanistan using contemporary ideas but relying on elements of centuries-old traditions. Colors that reflect the natural world are an important contemporary design trend. This piece. inspired by the vintage Moroccan rugs, combines sky blues and grays that reflect the elements of stone, or perhaps, the night sky.

The geometric design is inspired by the Moroccan rugs of tribes that continue to live a nomadic lifestyle deep in the Atlas Mountain range. These ancient designs tell of the stories and traditions of these nomadic people. Each motif and symbol held a special meaning for them The simple lines and geometric shapes used in these designs translate well in modern interiors by adding line and form to the piece.

The designer of this work of art overemphasized an element that is naturally found in vintage Moroccan rugs. Ancient dye techniques were often inconsistent and created what is called “abrash”. This simply means variations in the background color. This artist chose to draw attention to these variations that are found in traditional rugs and use them as a contemporary design element.

The blues and grays of this Modern room size rug give it a feel that would be at home in your coastal-themed interior design or modern industrial design that emphasizes function over form. Vintage Moroccan rugs were often limited in size by the looms and materials that were available. Now, you can find a Moroccan-inspired rug that is the perfect size for modern interiors in this collection. This inspired modern Moroccan rug is perfect for any room of the home and will fit into a range of contemporary design styles. It is a piece that sparks your creativity and allows you to combine a modern piece with elements that reflect the ancient traditions of the past.

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