Women Fashion: Couture Color Trends 2011

Women Fashion Couture and Color Trends

Women Fashion – With the couture shows in Paris coming to a close, we have decided to show the women some love in the fashion department here on Nazmiyal Design and Fashion Blog. Ladies and…ladies, listen up for the coming year’s hottest closet colors. We recently posted about cerulean being the new black for men’s fashion.

However, women’s fashion is showing some serious promise with a blazing fashion staple bringing fire-engine red into the fashion spotlight. Also, on this year’s color menu is a vibrant burst of yellow.

Warm colors are definitely in to define that true diva status. Yes, ladies, the time has come to dust off that Amex black card (whether it’s your very own or borrowed from the hubby, hide those receipts, shred the price tags, and destroy any piece of evidence of your stylish spending. I’m sure it won’t be pretty).

Women’s Fashion – Dior Couture, Paris Fall 2011
Women Fashion – Dior Couture, Paris Fall 2011

Sure the couture shows highlighted tacky trends of scales, feathers, and tentacles, but the more wearable art lies in the hot, hot, hot colors of tomorrow. So, if you don’t want to look like you belong in the reptile house, an aviary at the Bronx Zoo, or the city aquarium, be reasonable and shop for fashion’s flaming colors.

Nonetheless, with these vibrant hues, you will soon make a seductive splash at those chic cocktail parties, high-society events, and traipsing the streets walking your own personal runway. Turn those heads, ladies, by owning your fashion-forward flavors for the coming year.

Here are a couple Women’s Fashion looks for inspiration:

Paris Couture Fall 2011, Alexandre Vauthier
Paris Couture Fall 2011, Alexandre Vauthier
Nazmiyal Antique Rugs on Women Fashion Paris Couture Fall 2011, Galliano
Women’s Fashion Paris Couture Fall 2011, Galliano

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