Educational Antique Rug Seminars

Hajji Baba Club Sponsor Nazmiyal Educational Rug Seminars About Antique Rugs

We’re delighted to give the rug community a complete, hands-on look at the world of antique carpets starting with current market trends and traveling back to the 16th century.

Antique Carpet Educational Seminar

There will be light refreshments, casual discussions and plenty of time to ask questions and view carpets at each event. This is an exciting opportunity for rug collectors, Nazmiyal customers and members of the public who’d like to learn more.

Here’s what we’ll be covering in our Educational Seminar About Antique Rugs:

On Wednesday, October 23rd, from 6-8pm at our NYC Gallery enjoy a complete overview of antique rugs, including classical designs, structural differences, signs of restoration and current market trends.

We’ll go in-depth in the next segment on November 13th when we explore 19th century tribal carpets and village pieces from Persia, Turkey and the Caucasus.

Next up on January 15th, we’ll discover the sophisticated style of city carpets and workshop masterpieces from India, Persia and other regions.

In the final part on February 19th, you’ll have a chance to view the best of the best from our private carpet collection, which includes breathtaking works from the 16th century through the Art Deco era.

This is also an excellent chance to meet our experts in a question-friendly environment. You don’t have to be a professor of art history or a Hajji member,  to attend or enjoy this series. We’ve designed these events to be accessible, exciting and informative for all.

Review Of The Educational Seminar About Antique Rugs That Took Place Wednesday, October 23rd:

Exciting Seminar About Antique Carpet Trends Since 1900

Hosted by Nazmiyal and co-sponsored by the Hajji Baba Club, over 50 people came to hear the first of a 4 part lecture series about antique carpets.

Collecting Antique Rugs

Collecting Antique Rugs

For those of you who wanted to learn the truths and dispel the myths about antique rug dealers – this was your chance. In a packed midtown Manhattan antique rug gallery, people from all walks of life gathered to hear the first in a four part lecture series about antique carpets.

Educational Seminar About Antique Rugs And Carpets Care

Antique Rugs And Carpets

This first lecture is one that I like to refer to as “The Full Disclosure” lecture. Lead by Jason Nazmiyal, this lecture offered people the bare facts and inner workings of the antique rug dealer.

Learning About Antique Rugs by nazmiyal

Learning About Antique Rugs

In his account of how the market changed over the years, Jason took us on journey through the fascinating facts, dispelled and / or reaffirmed many of the beliefs and misrepresentations that are all too common in this industry.

Questions like – is chemically washing rugs a bad or good thing or is there really such a thing as Serapi rugs were all covered and in a straight forward and to-the-point manner.

Learn About Antique Carpets Nazmiyal

Learn About Antique Carpets

The first topic was dedicated to the ever-changing trends in the rug industry – from the late 19th century through the mid to late 20th Century. Jason did not hold back and let it all hang out as he offered people the true facts in the most straight forward and transparent way.  The “issue” of washed rugs, painted rugs and so forth are things that most dealers try to avoid while Jason, on the other hand, took on these topics head on and with full disclosure.

As the rugs were unrolled, Jason took the time to explain why certain rugs were painted and others washed. Before and after pictures were shown as a way of offering full disclosure. People marveled, took notes and were grateful for the no-nonsense approach taken.

How To Distinguish Good Rugs

How To Distinguish Good Rugs

A timeline of trends was also fascinating to hear as Jason took us on journey through different times in history as well as locations. He explained what the fashion trends in rugs were / are and explained why these fashions kept changing and evolving over time.

Explanations were offered and no question was missed or avoided. Note pads were out and people were frantically taking notes and trying to keep up with the wealth of “insider” information that was made available – perhaps for the first time ever!

How To Value Antique Carpets Nazmiyal

How To Value Antique Carpets

Next was the topic of repaired and restored rugs. Jason showed people how to spot repair and restoration and offered in-depth explanations about how rug restoration affects value as well as why and what to look for when buying antique rugs.

How To Value Antique Rugs

How To Value Antique Rugs

Buying Antique Rugs Online Nazmiyal

Buying Antique Rugs Online

Last on the topics of discussion was the surprise of the night. Jason opened up and shared a breakdown of which antique carpets have been selling over the past year. As he read off the amounts and types of rugs Nazmiyal has sold over the last year, I could not help but think that the data he is so willingly sharing is one that most dealers would keep under lock and key.

Where To Learn About Antique Carpets

Where To Learn About Antique Carpets

If this first lecture is any indication – the next one is already shaping up to be a great one!

Review of the Second Educational Seminar About Antique Rugs that Took Place November 13th:

Tribal Rugs and Antique Nomadic Rugs – Cracking The Code

This past Wednesday we had the second in a 4 part discussion series about antique rugs – co-sponsored by the Hajji Baba Club. The first lecture was an overview and introduction to the trends in the antique rug market. This time we dove right into one of the most fascinating aspects of historical rug and textile weaving – the antique tribal rugs and nomadic carpets. We singled out three of the top geographic areas that are synonymous with producing some of the best and most collectible antique rugs – Caucasian rugs, Persian rugs and Turkish rugs.

Antique Tribal Rugs Lecture Jason Nazmiyal

Jason Nazmiyal Talks About Antique Tribal Rugs

Led by Jason Nazmiyal, the talk began with the fascinating and artistic Nomadic Gabbeh rugs. For those of you who are not aware, Jason has been in the business of buying and selling antique carpets for the last 30 plus years. During the 1980’s he hosted the first lecture and pretty much introduced the American consumers and collectors, for the first time to the folk art rugs of Gabbeh weaving.

Antique Tribal Rugs Nazmiyal

Antique Tribal Rugs – Gabbeh

The nomadic and tribal carpets are the most widely collected rugs. As opposed to the fine city made rugs, the antique tribal rugs were created by the weaver with no influence from outside designers.  As such, we get a fascinating glimpse to the psyche of the weavers who created them. We also get to see what the weaver perceives to be beautiful.

The tribal rugs and nomadic carpets offer more than just decorations. Every single one of them, has a deeper meaning, we just need to know what to look for. The motifs were created with a thought process behind them but most of us, who have not studied art history, might look at them and appreciate the beauty but not even think that they have such profound connotations.

Jason had chosen to single out a few of these motifs. He explained that just like in the Egyptian hieroglyphics, there is a story there and we just need to learn their language in order to be able to understand them.

Patterns that might look purely geometric to the Western eye, might symbolize flora or plants, and are intended to convey messages, beliefs, wishes, whims, and even rebukes.

The meanings are conveyed down to the smallest detail—from the color to the kind of flower woven into the rug.

Antique Carpet Design Elements– The geometric representation of a person indicates the weaver has a baby on the way.


Antique Rug Motif Cammel

– Camel – The Camel was a vital animal of burden and as such, it signifies blessing.

Evil Eye Protector Motif Nazmiyal

– The eye – Since the people who created these pieces were extremely superstitious, this motif is seen in many of the rugs they produced. The Eye motif is the ultimate defender against the “evil eye” which is a spirit like being that can wreak havoc in a person’s life and even kills.


As the evening progressed, we moved from one village to the next. We covered many different Caucasian, Turkish And Persian rug weaving centers. One by one, rugs and textiles were presented and explanations were given about the different aspect of their intended use and the meaning behind the design elements.

Antique Caucasian Rugs Map

Man Of Locations Where Antique Caucasian Rugs Were Made

Time flew by and before we could even get through all the pieces we wanted to show, the time was up. Judging by the volume of questions and comments, this lecture was a huge success for the 40 or 50 people in attendance.

Click here To See Our Guide to Antique Rug Symbols and Their Meanings

Review of the Third Educational Seminar About Antique Rugs that Took Place February 19th:

Nazmiyal Hosts Last Educational Seminar About Antique Rugs

Educational Seminar About Antique Rugs – Last night, Nazmiyal hosted the last in a four part educational seminar about antique carpets. The four lectures were sponsored by the Hajji Baba Club which is the oldest rug society in the USA and took place at the Nazmiyal antique rug gallery in Manhattan. These lectures took us on an enchanted journey through many different regions, time periods and encompassed a large variety of  antique rug styles.

Educational Seminar About Antique Rugs With The Hajji Baba Club Nazmiyal

Antique Carpet Seminar With The Hajji Baba Club

For those of you who might have missed it, this fourth installment was dedicated, in its entirety, to the personal collection of Jason Nazmiyal. Jason shared some of his most cherished pieces and took the time to explain why he loved them so much. One by one, rugs, textiles and embroideries were presented to the 30 plus people in attendance. The collection was comprised of everything imaginable. From early 16th century rugs, to rare antique textiles and even a great Tapestry by the great Bauhaus artist Kandinsky made a cameo appearance!

Educational Seminar About Antique Rugs Nazmiyal

Educational Seminar About Antique Rugs

As the evening was winding down, I could not help but notice the somber feeling that seemed to be emanating from the crowed. So many of them came up to me before, during and after the lecture to express how grateful they were and how sad they felt that the series was coming to a close. I was amazed by the passion of the people who had attended the lectures. I could not help but feel proud of the work we have done, the people we met and the discussions we had.

Educational Seminar About Antique Rugs Nazmiyal

Educational Seminar About Antique Rugs

Looking back, I can now say that there are a greater number of rug and textile enthusiast than I had thought. If the demand and interest keep escalating the way they have been, I am sure that we will have more lectures and antique rug seminars in the future.

We would all like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to those who came to participate in our Educational Seminar About Antique Rugs. And a special thank you to Roger Pratt and the Hajji Baba Club for helping us put this all together.

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