Most Expensive Rug Ever Sold

Most Expensive Rug Ever Sold at Auction is a Persian Vase Carpet

Antique Persian Carpet Becomes The Most Expensive Rug In The World Search Our Comprehensive Rug Collection Antique Seventeenth Century Persian Rug Shatters All Auction Price Records and Fetches Nearly $34,000,000 Most Expensive Rug Ever Sold At Auction – As of this afternoon, there is a new antique rug that can boast the lofty distinction of being the most […]

Wednesday Wishlist Antique Serapi

Wednesday Wishlist: Persian Antique Serapi Rug

Beautiful Persian Room Size Antique Serapi Rug Here at Nazmiyal Collection, we sell the very finest antique Oriental rugs anywhere. Today’s Wednesday Wishlist rug, an antique Serapi rug made in Northwestern Persia in the latter years of the nineteenth century, is a truly phenomenal piece that embodies many of the characteristics that separate antique Persian […]

Anthroposcene Nazmiyal Exhibit Spotlight

David Thomas Smith “Anthropocene” – A New Exhibition

David Thomas Smith “Anthropocene” Exhibition Dublin Ireland based artist David Thomas Smith has a new exhibition titled, “Anthropocene,” and it is the toast of the Internet. By meticulously stitching together thousands of thumbnail-sized images of global hubs of commerce taken from Google Maps, Mr. Smith has created a series of stunning images, the patterns of which […]

Wednesday Wishlist Antique Chinese Rug

Wednesday Wishlist: Antique Chinese Rug

Our Wednesday Wishlist: A Beautiful Antique Chinese Rug Dragons are among the most auspicious of all Chinese mythical symbols. Benevolent guardians of sea and sky, these majestic beasts have long been associated with strength, power, and good luck. Traditionally, the Emperor of China himself would dress in vestments adorned with images of dragons, highlighting the […]

emilio pucci 46654

Emilio Pucci Rug As Part Of Our Wish List Wednesday

This Week Nazmiyal Features A Beautiful Vintage Emilio Pucci Carpet Emilio Pucci rug – Legendary Italian designer Emilio Pucci’s kaleidoscopic carpet is an absolute treasure. With sweeping french curves and a vintage palate, this is a true one-of-a-kind find of pop art rug design. As far as the vintage mid-century modern movement is concerned, it simply does […]

African Influenced Interiors and Designs

African Influenced Interiors and Decors African Influenced Interiors – Bright colors and animal imitations are no longer featured in the far-away villas of vacation homes. Now, African influenced style is showcasing in eclectic interiors everywhere, adding elements of exotic sophistication to modern residences. “In 2013, African influences are said to be a major trend,” says architecture and design […]