Modern Custom Swedish Kilim Rug Sample 60846

Size: 3 ft 1 in x 3 ft 2 in (0.94 m x 0.97 m)

Elegant Rustic Geometric Scandinavian Swedish Mid Century Modern Style Custom Flat Weave Kilim Rug Sample, Inspired From: Swedish Rugs

Rug Weaving Materials: 100% Wool Pile

Primary Color: Orange

Secondary Color: Light Green

Weaving Technique: Hand Knotted

Introducing our geometric flat weave kilim rug sample, inspired by the iconic designs of Swedish rugs. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this rug captures the essence of Scandinavian aesthetics, boasting rustic charm and geometric motifs. Made from 100% wool pile, it offers both durability and luxury, maintaining its plush texture and vibrant colors over time, making it a perfect addition to any room.

The warm orange primary color of this rug sample evokes coziness and warmth, typical of Scandinavian design, complemented by secondary hues of light green, adding depth and contrast. Hand-knotted with precision and care, it showcases the artistry of traditional weaving techniques, resulting in a rug of exceptional quality and beauty that will be cherished for years to come. The geometric motifs nod to mid-century modern design, with clean lines and bold shapes creating a sense of order and symmetry, ensuring versatility and beauty wherever it’s placed.

Experience the elegance and sophistication of our geometric flat weave kilim rug sample and elevate your home decor to new heights. With its exquisite craftsmanship, rich colors, and timeless design, this rug sample is more than just decor – it’s a cherished work of art destined to leave a lasting impression in any space.

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