Modern Custom Persian Bakshaish Rug Sample 60539

Size: 2 ft x 3 ft 2 in (0.61 m x 0.97 m)

A Beautiful Modern Persian Bakshaish Custom Made Area Rug Sample, Inspired From: Persian Bakshaish Rugs, Country of origin: Modern India

Rug Weaving Materials: 100% Wool Pile

Primary Color: Ivory

Secondary Color: Rust / Red

Weaving Technique: Hand Knotted

Drawing inspiration from the timeless antique Persian Bakshaish rugs, this contemporary tribal design custom rug sample presents a fusion of opulent jewel tones and soft, delicate hues. Seamlessly blending these contrasting elements, it creates a captivating visual spectacle that effortlessly captivates the senses. The intricate pattern intricately guides the viewer’s gaze through a maze of curves and interlocking shapes, inviting appreciation for every minute detail.

Vivid scarlet, striking blue, and pristine eggshell white harmonize with muted slate and peat tones, resulting in a warm and earthy color palette that exudes movement and vitality. The artisan’s skill and dedication shine through in the meticulous depiction of the primitive dragon motif, which adorns both the field and border of this modern Persian Bakshaish design custom rug sample.

The versatility of this custom rug sample, available in various sizes, shapes, and color options, renders it highly adaptable to a diverse array of interior design styles and home décors. From mid-century modern to more traditional aesthetics, it effortlessly complements any setting, making it a standout piece that commands attention regardless of its size.

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