Modern Custom Swedish Kilim Rug Sample 60853

Size: 3 ft 1 in x 3 ft 7 in (0.94 m x 1.09 m)

Beautiful Modern Custom South Western / Swedish Mid Century Modern Influenced Flat Woven Kilim Rug Sample, Inspired From: Swedish Rugs, Country of Origin: Pakistan

Rug Weaving Materials: 100% Wool Pile

Primary Color: Red

Secondary Color: Green / Ivory / Blue

Weaving Technique: Hand Knotted

Introducing a captivating fusion of Southwestern allure and Swedish elegance, our southwestern/Swedish mid-century modern flat woven kilim rug sample embodies a unique blend of charm and sophistication. Drawing inspiration from the rich heritage of Swedish rug craftsmanship, this custom piece offers a stylish addition to any space with its carefully curated design.

Crafted from 100% wool pile, this rug sample boasts luxurious softness underfoot while ensuring durability and longevity. Its premium wool quality ensures the rug maintains its plush texture and vibrant colors over time, making it an ideal choice for high-traffic areas within your home.

The dominant red hue of this rug sample exudes energy and warmth reminiscent of both Southwestern and Scandinavian aesthetics. Enhanced by secondary tones of green, ivory, and blue, the color palette adds depth and dimension to the design, striking a harmonious balance between modernity and inviting appeal.

Hand-knotted with meticulous precision in Pakistan, this rug sample showcases traditional weaving techniques, each knot tied by hand to create a piece of exceptional quality and beauty. Geometric motifs pay homage to mid-century modern design, featuring clean lines and bold shapes that infuse the design with movement and rhythm, whether displayed as a focal point in a living room, layered beneath furniture, or hung as a striking tapestry on the wall.

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