Beige Modern Moroccan Style Runner Rug 60182

Size: 2 ft 6 in x 11 ft 4 in (0.76 m x 3.45 m)

Beautiful Beige Modern Moroccan Style Afghan Runner Rug, Country of Origin: Afghanistan, Circa Date: Modern – The beautiful Moroccan rugs have a way of bringing together different elements of a room in a way that is warm and cozy. Moroccan-style is all about comfort and creating a room that is relaxed and inviting for conversation or to enjoy a fine meal together.

Since the middle part of the 20th century, designers have been using vintage area rugs from Morocco to create a space that is casual and relaxed. During a time when styles were dominated by streamlined, minimalist furniture with clean lines and basic geometric shapes, Moroccan rugs added softness and texture to the room that made it more inviting. Vintage Moroccan rugs continue to inspire modern designers with their simple, geometric patterns, and primitive style.

This modern area rug was inspired by designs of the vintage Moroccan Beni Ourain rugs. The artist added modern elements that allow it to blend pieces from decades past with contemporary ones.

This beautiful runner rug would be perfect for a long, narrow kitchen or a hallway. The vertical stripes of the modern Moroccan design area rug will accentuate the length of the space, but the artist also used horizontal elements that will make it appear wider, too.

Classic blue and gray are the new neutrals, and they allow you to add other neutrals or more saturated tones to the design. The colors of this rug have a cool, earthy feel that is reminiscent of stone and water. Bringing elements of the natural world into the interior space is a trend that continues to gain momentum in a wide range of modern styles. This Afghan rug allows you to create this feeling by combining other natural materials, woven textiles, and basketry to create a wabi-sabi-style space that is peaceful and relaxing.

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