Beautiful Warm Decorative Oversized Vintage Ivory Cream Turkish Oushak Allover Rug 71966


Size: 14 ft 8 in x 22 ft (4.47 m x 6.71 m)
Origin: Turkish Rugs

Beautiful Oversized Vintage Turkish Oushak Rug, Origin: Turkey, Circa date: Vintage  – When it come to the world of vintage and antique rugs, the Turkish Oushak rugs are considered to be some the most decorative area rugs in the world. These soft warm tone area rugs have been a favorite of interior decorators and sought after by private consumers for their soft colors and more open designs. This is because these area rugs are relatively easy to position and place in rooms as they will lighten up the room without fighting with any of the other preexisting furniture styles and layouts.

The light and soft happy color tones of this vintage Turkish Oushak rug will make a beautiful addition to any room that is large enough to accommodate it. This palace oversize rug is reminiscent of the grandeur of the great Ottoman empire and the Turkish area rugs that once adorned the grand rooms of the state. This beautiful rug features subtle hues of coral reds in the border that encompasses a light soft ivory cream colored rug field. The soft and subdued colors of the antique Oushak rug have been tempered by age, giving it a timeless, classic ambiance and patina.

This extremely soft decorative rug features a classic allover rug design with a classic floral border. It has horizontal and vertical symmetry, giving it a formal feel. This oversize vintage decorative Turkish Oushak rug is reminiscent of the grand gardens that once adorned palace estates. The area rug style, patterns and designs feature numerous flowers, trees and the iconic 8 pointed start design motif.

Vintage rugs of this size, quality and beautiful design would make an excellent addition to any traditional or modern design interior. When buying rugs for your home, this decorative Turkish Oushak rug, with its grand scale and soft colors, would work well in a room that is suitable for its size and exquisite use of detail. Magnificent area rugs such as this will add a sense of majesty to any room or interior decor that becomes its home.

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