Beautiful Rustic Large Scale Design Oversize Vintage Persian Sultanabad Rug 48804

Size: 14 ft 9 in x 23 ft (4.5 m x 7.01 m)
Origin: Persian Rugs

Beautiful Oversize All Over Design Vintage Persian Sultanabad Rug, Country of origin: Persia, Circa Date: 3rd Quarter of the 20th Century – A golden radiance seems to permeate this vintage Persian rug, which features a vivid red and orange pattern over a wheaten field. Stunning displays of colorful flowers align in regular rows and columns, repeating across the body of this beautiful vintage area rug. Each bloom is surrounded with elaborate leaves, some with complex fractal edges, for a dizzying swirl of vivid hues. The warm colors are accented with dark olive green for the foliage and the lightest blue for contrast. A series of several borders encloses the central field, with the widest in the midst backed in a steel blue shade. Ornate floral ornaments alternate with circular orange blossoms around the vintage Persian Sultanabad rug, and smaller, light-colored blooms spring up around them.

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