Beautiful Rare Antique 19th Century Silk and Metallic Uzbek Dress 47508


Size: 4 ft 3 in x 5 ft 1 in (1.3 m x 1.55 m)

A beautiful and culturally important artifact, this antique metallic and silk dress from Uzbekistan is truly a one of a kind work of art.

Silk and Metallic Antique Uzbek Dress, Country of Origin: Uzbekistan, Circa Date: 19th Century – This beautiful cultural artifact is a dress from Uzbekistan that dates to the 19th century. It is made from silk and metallic threads, which suggests that this was not a garment that was intended to be worn every day, but one that was used for important ceremonies or a special occasion.

The silk brocade on the outside of the garment is made with a high level of detail and artistry. The quality of the work suggests that it might have been commissioned by the artistic guilds of the time. Only craftsmen who reached a certain level of skill were permitted to work with silk and metallic threads. This was likely a commissioned piece to be used for an important ceremony of state, rather than a garment that would have been worn throughout the average course of the day.

Great care was taken in the creation of this garment. It was lined with two pieces of ikat-dyed cloth that are stitched together down the center seam. This not only gives it an additional decorative element but also protects the expensive outer material from degradation from being worn next to the skin. It served as both a functional and decorative element. Along the edges is a band that was woven on a special loom, both as a way to secure the fabric and to add an element of decoration.

The person who wore this garment was someone who was held in high regard by the people. It could have been worn by a male or female of rank, more than likely as an outer garment for a special ceremony or event. This is a breathtaking piece and an excellent piece to mount as a piece of artwork. It will make an excellent addition to your textile collection and represents an important piece of cultural history. This piece is a rare find and one that will hold a special place in your home or office.

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